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Resinous flooring systems are often selected based on aesthetics, chemical resistance, and durability. With the installation of integral cove base, walls are properly protected. Epoxy cove base installation prevents water from soaking under walls where mold and mildew can develop. Seamless epoxy and urethane floors are ideal in wet environments, and spaces that require constant cleaning. A wide range of systems can be offered based on project specific needs.

By Staff 06 Nov, 2017
We were recently feature in an article on Concrete Construction for the work done on Jackson Center for Music and Worship Arts; Check it out here !
By Staff 26 Oct, 2017

Do not wax polished concrete floors! One of the major benefits of polished concrete is the ease of maintenance. Finished flooring systems should be cleaned regulalry to remove dirt and debris. Simply dry mop the floor with a microfiber cloth, and wet mop with a pH neutral to slightly alkaline floor cleaner – ideally with a pH of 8.5. Large floors can be cleaned using an auto scrubber with soft bristle attachments. Avoid using caustic cleaning products that contain sulfates, hydroxides, and acids – they will etch the floor.  

By Staff 26 Oct, 2017

Concrete polishing is one of the most durable flooring systems available. Through a series of grinding/polishing steps and densification, a hard and abrasion resistant surface is produced. At Vintage Resurfacing we love to polish concrete, but recognize that not all concrete is a good candidate for polishing.


On a recent project we were asked to provide a polished floor with heavy aggregate exposure. Upon arrival at the jobsite, we proceeded with our system mock up. With initial grinding we experienced significant tear out of the fine aggregate.


Our customer was set on having a floor with heavy aggregate exposure. Due to the slab conditions, time constraints, and end use of the space we landed on a sealed concrete system. The floor was wet ground to achieve the desired level of aggregate exposure. With several coats of a resinous sealer, an attractive flooring system was produced.  

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